6 Tips to keep in mind when buying a gaming monitor in Budget

If you are a gamer who swears by an exciting and adventurous gaming experience, you will never underestimate the importance of a good monitor after a great GPU.  A gaming monitor is actually responsible for how you view your game literally! Another important reason to buy one of the best gaming monitors is the fact that they can last you almost a decade.

We help you discover a great gaming experience by providing you 6 top tips to choose the best gaming monitor under 200 USD.

Some tips to consider when buying a gaming monitor in budget

Tip #1

The bigger is not better when it comes to the size of the monitor. Surprising but yes! And the reason is that a bigger size doesn’t necessarily mean better technology and not to mention that bigger the size, the price goes higher as well. The best screen size for a gaming monitor is 24 inches and that gives the gamer all the necessary advantages as well. Choosing an appropriate screen size does not just mean you get the best gaming experience but also that you get value for money.

Tip #2

This tip will help you do away with another popular myth-a higher resolution is better! Resolution is actually the number of pixels on your screen. A higher resolution can definitely mean sharper pictures but it certainly does not mean pictures bigger in size. Instead it’s just the contrary. So in case you do not have a perfect vision, you can get lower resolution so the images you get will be larger and clearer for you to view.

Tip #3

Do not forget to learn about the different panel technologies since they can make a lot of difference to your final choice of a gaming monitor. These are three different types of panels-TN panels, IPS panels, and VA panels and each one of them has its own advantages and disadvantages. While TN Panels are number one choice of gamers, IPS Panels are best suited for design professionals and VA Panels are actually a compromise on the other two types.

Tip #4

Do not miss on the G-sync or Freesync and the third option, V-sync when you are looking for monitors. We recommend you to go for G-Sync which is the best of the lot. While Freesync is cheaper when compared to others, it does not do justice to its price and it is also relatively new in the market. G-sync is a great choice for its smoother and robust performance and definitely since it has been around for some time now.

Tip #5

The viewing angles of a monitor are also an important factor that must be considered at the time of buying a gaming monitor. It is about the different angles from which you can view the monitor and still not see a distorted picture or wonky colors. IPS monitors are believed to give the best viewing angles. They provide a number of viewing angles together with a better color recreation. IPS monitors should be your right choice.

Tip #6

Another great tip to buy the best gaming monitor that too under 200 is to pay attention to its aspect ratio as well. The aspect ratio of the monitor decides the size of the images that you view on the screen. If your priority is getting a better Aspect ratio, you should also prioritize a bigger screen since both of them are inter-related.

Hope you get your money’s worth with all the above tips that we dished out for you!

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